Nordic Championships – IFBB Elite Pro qualifier

IFBB Nordic Championships has over 50 years of history in bodybuilding and fitness sports. In the early 1970’s Nordic countries like Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Denmark and Finland decided to compete together as there were no other Championships besides European Championships and World Championships.

Nordic Champion was a great title and all the physique athletes wanted to win it. First, it was just for men’s bodybuilding, but in the eighties women’s bodybuilding was taken into the schedule. When fitness sports, mainly choreographed fitness with a free routine started in the middle of nineties, the Nordic Championships got more and more athletes.

In the 2000’s Estonian Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation President Arnold Tokko asked if Estonia can join the Nordic Family and since any Nordic countries didn’t have anything against it, Estonia was accepted to be part of the Nordic Championships.

For more than 30 years Nordic Championships has been one of the main title to train for in bodybuilding and fitness sports. When IFBB started to organize international events like Diamond Cups and other events like that, there were more possibilities for athletes to compete outside of their home country. New Diamond Cups were also appealing to the competitors as the overall winners were awarded with the Professional Status.

IFBB Elite Pro Cards for Overall Winners!

In 2021 IFBB President Dr. Rafael Santonja encouraged the Nordic Fitness Expo promoter Mr. KP Ourama to raise up the Nordic Championships level back to their glory days and award the overall winners of Bikini Fitness, Body Fitness, Wellness Fitness, Men’s Physique, Classic Physique and Classic Bodybuilding with the IFBB Elite Pro Cards.The event gathered record breaking plus 300 athletes on stage and so the story continues in 2022 again!

This will be a great opportunity for Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Denmark, Estonia and Finland to have a competition where only Nordic countries athletes can turn to professional athlete. Who would have even dreamed about this few years ago?