Registration and Participation

2019 IFBB Nordic Cup and Jan Tana Classic are open for all IFBB-affiliated National Federations of the World. The number of competitors participating in these competitions is unlimited. 6 IFBB Elite Pro Cards are given to overall winners!

The official arrival day is Friday, October 4th, 2019. The registration will be held on Friday at the Lahti Fair Centre congress rooms (location of Nordic Fitness Expo) from 16:00 to 20:00. Registration of athletes will only be considered if they are recommended or entered by the National Federation of the athlete by sending the Final Entry Form including their names directly to:

IFBB Technical Committee:
IFBB Head Office:
Nordic Fitness Expo Organizing Committee:

The deadline for sending the Final Entry Form is September 23rd, 2019. The final decision to allow an athlete to compete in this event rests with the IFBB.

All athletes will have to produce their Passport and IFBB International Card at the registration. Any athlete who has not yet purchased this IFBB International Card will have to buy one at the registration. IFBB cards cost EUR €30 per year and are mandatory.

The IFBB registration fee of EUR €200 per athlete has to be paid by PayPal or credit / debit card ( no later than September 23rd, 2019. Then, this possibility will be closed. Please include your name in your online payment and bring a copy of your payment confirmation to the registration.

To be taken into consideration during selection of judging panels at the competition, IFBB International Judges must be included in the 2019 ENTRY FORM IFBB Nordic Cup & Jan Tana Classic sent by National Federations, according to the IFBB rules. For more information, please contact Mr. Pawel Filleborn, Chairman of the IFBB Judges Committee, under address:
All international judges must bring their International Judge’s Cards to Lahti.

IFBB International Judges must have a valid IFBB Judge’s Card with the IFBB yearly judges fee of EUR €50 paid for 2019. This fee may also be paid at the competition in Lahti. To be included in the panels, all judges must be present at the Team Managers and Judges Meeting to be held on Friday, 20:00 hours at Lahti Fair Centre congress rooms (location of Nordic Fitness Expo).

It is National Federations responsibility to obtain an entry visa for the country organizing the championship. All National Federations could ask for an Invitation Letter either to the Championship Organizer or IFBB. The invitation letter does not mean you are granted your visa. IFBB and Championship organizer are not responsible of attendant visas. To receive invitation letter, the applicant should forward to the IFBB or Championship organizer a copy (scan) of his/her passport. If the visa is not granted, the Cancellation Policies for the championship will still apply.

An athlete, included in an official National Federation Team, who requested and received an invitation from the IFBB Head Office or the Organizing Committee of an IFBB sanctioned event for visa purposes and uses that visa to unlawfully stay in the host country or any other country, will be subjected to the disciplinary proceedings and measures.  The relevant National Federation is responsible to carefully control the proper, legal use of the visa by its athlete and it will be subjected to a fine and/or a suspension, in case of any misuse and/or unlawful utilization of the same visa.

Citizens of over 60 countries also don’t need a visa. Detailed information at:

Access to the backstage shall be strictly limited to the essential personnel only. Extra backstage passes can be bought at the registration on Friday. Price for backstage pass is 50 € which includes entry to expo area on Saturday and Sunday.

Any press representatives that wish to obtain press accreditation for this event have to contact the organising committee by October 1, 2019. Send an email to and write down: name of the media you represent, phone number, email address, the person who you look accreditation, is he/she photographer or writer. You will get a note if you are accepted as a media representative.

The Organizing Committee will maintain the secretariat at the Lahti Fair Centre congress rooms from 14:00 to 21:00 on an official arrival day October 4. You may obtain information and assistance from the Secretariat. On weekend the Secretariat will be placed Lahti Fair Centre at Nordic Fitness Expo, near the Main Entrance at INFO booth.

Please be aware that is FULL RESPONSABILITYY AND OBLIGATION OF THE NATIONAL FEDERATION to verify if each one of the athletes to be registered on this international event are NOT suspended or fulfilling any period of ineligibility due to Anti-Doping Rule Violation or any disciplinary case at the national or international level. Be also aware that if any athlete from your National Federation register and compete being suspended due to an Anti-Doping Rule Violation, both athlete and the National Federation will be subject to sanctions according to the World-Anti-Doping-Code, the IFBB Anti-Doping Rules and the IFBB Constitution and Rules. It is also the FULL OBLIGATION AND RESPONSIBILITY of your National Federation to MONITOR ALL YOUR ATHLETES from your country affiliated to your National Federation who are actually fulfilling a period of ineligibility due to Anti-Doping Rule Violation or any Disciplinary case, to make sure these athletes WILL NOT REGISTER/COMPETE/OR PARTICIPATE IN ANY CAPACITY in any event either at National or International level, Official or Invitational.
Each athlete participating in the championship will be provided with a badge at the registration. This badge allows a two-day admission to the Nordic Fitness Expo (expo area).

All the costs for traveling, hotel accommodations, transportation to and from the airport, as well as meals, are on responsibilities of the National Federations or individual athletes. Check with your National Federation for more information.