NOCCO 2019 Nordic Pro will be held on Saturday October 5th at 17:00.  The show will have five divisions: bodybuilding, men’s physique, fitness (with free routine), wellness fitness and bikini fitness and lot of show elements to make this great event even more unforgettable.

The Nordic Pro saga started 2012 and it’s the longest run professional event in the IFBB Pro calendar after Arnold Classic. 2018 Pro Bodybuilding winner was Mika Sihvonen from Finland and he will be there to defend his title. Another great champion Dennis Johansen of Norway is chasing his third win in Nordic Pro, since he won the very first IFBB Elite Pro event held in 2017 and he repeated his victory in 2018. IFBB Elite Pro World Professional Champion Yana Kuznetsova won 2018 Nordic Pro and she is naturally invited to compete in 2019. For the first time we have two new divisions to show; fitness with free routine and very popular wellness fitness! For fitness category we have Finnish Champion Eveliina Tistelgren and for wellness fitness bikini fitness- and wellness fitness Finnish Overall Winner Johanna Hermans doing her pro debut!

IFBB Elite Pro competitors are symmetrical, they have harmony of aestetics with a good muscularity, no freaks or unnatural muscles are not allowed in any category. This is a sport judged by the International rules. Competition is open for all competitors in the World.

Tickets at box office 30,00 €
Free entrance to Expo and IFBB Nordic Cup. No numbered seats.
Tickets in advance from TicketMaster.

18:00 – pre-judging and finals
Men’s physique
Bikini fitness
Wellness fitness

Organized by IFBB Elite Pro and promoted by KP Fitness Productions Oy

15 €, sold only at box office
Includes IFBB Nordic Cup

At box office 30,00 €
Includes Expo Day Ticket + IFBB Nordic Cup

Competition tickets in advance from TicketMaster: